Sounds of our shores

Our project "British Soundscape" has inspired National Trust to launch their latest campaign - Sounds of our shores. Chick here to know more! 

California Soundscape!

Seaside is always beautiful, all over the world.

I now begin to collect sea sounds in California, do you like it? :)

Thank you for coming for the exhibition!

This project, British Soundscape, was exhibited at the Royal College of Art from the 5th to the 9th of February in 2014. I took it as a great chance to try out the idea with a broader audience through curating and engagement. The approach I took in the exhibition cor- relates with the theme of sea, “message in a bottle” The response to my show was much better than I had expected.


So many visitors shared with me their love and their memories of the sea. Among my visitors were students, young parents with babies, grandparents, musicians and journalists – people from all ages and different industries. The thing in common among all of them was that this proj- ect recalled their love for nature, and made them feel very relaxing and warm.

“This is a very meaningful project. I’m a musician myself and I love the sea. And it’s a wonderful idea to bring the two together! ”

“Make me feel home. The best memory is the time I came back home by ferry and my heart full of joy. (I come from an Island: Sardinia)”

That is my very simple starting point for British Soundscape – Nature and music as remedy. I’m glad that I fulfilled my initial brief. Thank you, everyone who has come along for my exhibition. 

British Soundscape Music Video was released!

It's a journey from the city to the coast. We as a team went to Brownsea Island in late November and invited London based musicians to co-create sea songs with us in December. Here you are. A beautiful piece of sea sounds and Emily's violin. 

Film Director |Cinematographer| Yuen Hsieh
Project Director |Design Director|Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih
Baroque Violin|MPerf, Historical Performance |Emily R. Hale 
Visual Designer|Erco Laii